We decided to organize a special training for our kids  this Saturday 20th August - 10am

Competition Simulation

We want to show the feeling of competition for our kids, few of our kids will have their first experience competing AGF - Destin.
We will do some brackets, splits in age, weight, experience like how they do in the tournaments. Again the reason is not to show results, it’s to help all who’s getting a little to be more relax and less nervous with the tournament. 
All kids are more than welcome. Even if your kid is not competing, it’s a great opportunity to show support to the ones who will be fighting. Jiu-Jitsu is a individual sport but we need our teammates to do. 
Little kids till 13 years old, white belts to green belts. Lets have some fun.
No medals, no podium, just some fights and for sure some fun. 
See you all on the mats.

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